Web Resources We Like

Live Music Across Hampshire County
Kevin O'Hare's music reviews
The Sofa Kings at Myspace.com
How to write a song
Searching for Lyrics
Everything you wanted to know about Gino Vannelli
The Eels
A Brief History of Rock and Roll
Just Soap: a bicycle powered business
The Solar Lamplight featuring Mattl Music -- a friend of John G.'s

Here are some of our other bands from the past and present.

The Millenium Bugs The Roadbowlers Rough Draft

It turns out the world is full of Sofa King bands. Check out a few of these links to see what other some of the Sofa King bands are doing out in the world of music.
The Sofa Kings in Texas
The Sofa Kings in Connecticut
The Sofa Kings of Detroit
The Sofa Kings in California

And who knows how many more of us are out there?

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