Fake Testimonials for the Sofa Kings

(not be confused with the truth)

Rolling Stone Magazine has never had a single thing to say about this band. Not even a little blurb. Nothing!
"I never knew rock and roll could be so much fun! The Sofa Kings have made me reconsider my entire political philosophy."     - Gov. Mitt Romney, at a Green Day concert.
"The Sofa Kings have more energy than Jimmy Neutron! When I am president, I will fund a world tour by The Sofa Kings to promote musical blah-blah-blah .....   - U.S. Senator John Kerry, during his acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention. So, no World Tour for the Sofa Kings -- Thanks a lot, Senator!!!
"If there is one band in all the world that you absolutely must hear, it's The Sofa Kings. The ones who play in Western Massachusetts -- not those other fakers."   - Bono, of the band U2, while climbing a mountain in Tibet
 "Dude, the Sofa Kings rock!"   - Anonymous youth decked out in baggy clothes, tattooed eyebrows and pierced everything.

(Well, this could be what people are saying. You'll just have to see the band for yourself and come up with your comments)

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